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Why Alignment is the New Hustle

Why Alignment is the New Hustle

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Manifestation is a much talked about subject. A lot of people think they just need to write themselves an imaginary check and the cash will magically arrive. Unfortunately, it doesn´t work this way, because the secret sauce behind it is missing. It´s not exactly easy, but it´s also not exactly complicated.

You can manifest anything you want with relentless focus, ‘work’, and conviction. However, not everything you manifest this way is meant for you, nor will it make you happy, and neither will it preserve your energy.

If you align yourself, however, you manifest from the heart space, increase your energy and feel fulfilled when you receive what you intended to. Why? Because there is a bigger reason for it. It doesn´t come from the head, it comes from the heart. It´s not an ego idea that has been fed by society of what you should have, but it is a unique idea that has been born within you for your unique purpose.

The difference between Hustle and Alignment

There is a subtle difference between hustling, running after things, and emptying your tank because you try so hard – and between alignment, where you have a clear feeling and vision of what you desire, and allowing this to manifest easily. There is a bigger picture behind it. From that place opportunities, people and events are attracted to you — because of your clarity and the embodied feeling you transmit.

What it doesn’t mean is that because you are aligned, you don´t need to do anything at all. Sitting on your sofa meditating is not going to uplevel your business nor is it helping you to win the lottery. Action is.

Alignment means doing whatever you need to do, to go in the direction of your dreams. It also means being presented with opportunities because you are already on your way. It´s knowing what you want and taking action steps towards it, but surrendering the how and when. There is a lot of relaxation in alignment.

Alignment means knowing what is already yours. You don´t need to prove that to anyone.

Relaxation versus Stress

When you hustle and work until you fall flat, it often causes a narrow vision, so that great opportunities pass you by, because you are too focused on doing it your way, the only way.

Hustling has a lot to do with needing to feel worthy. Worthy of success, worthy to have more money, worthy to be someone. There is a lot of stress involved, which often causes making the wrong decisions and feeling even more stressed.

Alignment has a lot to do with knowing what is right for you because you are worthy of receiving it. Alignment is a relaxed state, from which spontaneous action arises, that is free from the past and the future, yet it`s connecting the past with the future.

Hustling is about control. Alignment is about surrender.

The Key to manifesting your Dreams

When you are relaxed about what you want, you easily pull things towards you. When you are stressed about what you want, you easily push things away from you. Think about it in terms of relationships. When did a man or a woman ever give you what you want, just because you were pushing so hard to get it?

What manifestation truly is, is the law of resonance. What you deeply resonate with on a core level, you attract. What you think you resonate with but don´t have any feelings about, you push away or simply don´t come across. And then you can hustle as much as you want, it´s always gonna be hard, unfulfilling, and stressful. This is about radical honesty with yourself. Is the thing you are running after really what you want?

Alignment is about balance. It prompts you to use your creative, right side of the brain to envision, feel, and manifest your desires. It also prompts you to use your left side of the brain to perform actions, make a plan, and find a way where there previously has been non.

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The Secret Sauce that nobody talks about

Above all, alignment is about feeling your desired vision in your body to vibe on it, literally. The more you vibe on it, the easier it is to attract.

Let´s say you´d love to work together with a specific partner, need an investor, or are looking for a new team member. You know exactly what you are looking for, but you don´t know when it´s going to happen, let alone how. You do your part in showing up at networking events, conferences, and meeting people. You are relaxed about the outcome, sometimes you entirely forget about it, and all of a sudden what you were looking for appears out of the blue. Someone approaches you and tells you they would like to work with you.


Because you had clarity on your vision, and a clear feeling in your body that this is what you wanted. This knowing is called embodiment. And from here, life delivers. You surrendered the how and held clear on the why.

Why we need to let go of the Hustle

Hustling is based only on left-brain logic. It´s rational, strategic, and full of control. If this is the only approach you rely on, you are out of balance, and waste a lot of time, money, and resources. Because you have a left brain and a right brain for a reason.

How we have been doing work and life is based on a system that is outdated, patriarchal, and simply not working. For no one. Not for the managers, nor the CEO`s, nor the politicians, nor the employees with 60% burn-out rate. None of them has a life that is actually ‘alive’. There is no juice in it. Money can not buy you juice. Your mansion can not buy you juice. And your 9–5 that you hate can also not buy you juice.

Alignment is honoring who you are. It´s fast, in flow with life, and easy. It gives room for expansion and magic. The only thing it requires is trust (right brain) and aligned action (left brain).

To plan or not to plan, that´s the question

If you are receptive to the guidance from life because you have no fixed step-by-step plan, you will be given opportunities that you could not even imagine beforehand.

Life does this. Have a plan, but be equally open to surrendering the plan. It´s the middle way, which Buddha speaks about.

Just because we turn older, we don´t need to be so serious all the time.

This does not only prevent burnout, depression, and all sorts of other health-related issues, but it also keeps you young in spirit, enhances your relationships, and reminds you that your inner child often has answers your adult brain has forgotten to understand.

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Keeping the Balance

Rational yet creative, feeling yet thinking, future-oriented yet present. It´s a paradox, but the longer you can hold the paradox, the better you get at ‘receiving’ life instead of trying to fight with life. Life shows you signs 24/7. If you follow them, manifestation is easy.

If you ignore them, you´ll be hustling and ending up with a burn-out, deteriorating relationships, and feeling unhappy.

Surrender has to do with trust. Trusting yourself, your visions, and your feelings. Which sometimes means to let go of things, if they don´t feel good anymore. And sometimes it means to wait for the right thing to come to you and say no to mediocre opportunities, which are still not it.

Dreaming Things into Reality

I did the same in business, in attracting an investor, Soulmate clients, and working on a Millionaire’s retreat. I was simply stating that this is what I wanted, feeling very excited about the opportunities. And things started to appear in the most interesting ways — easily.

Whenever I do something too seriously and from my mind, it does not work well and feels difficult. Whenever I do it with Joy and inspiration, the process is more important than the goal and opportunities come with a sense of lightness.

Joy is the key.

Feeling is the key.

Your visions are the key.

You have insights, inspiration, and ideas because they are needed. They are needed to heal you on a deep level and they are needed to inspire others in whatever small or big ways that is.

It´s time to follow your path.

Will you?

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